Saturday, 25 August 2012


Ten Thoughts Concluding with Simplicity
Leather, thread
12 x 34 x 10 cm

Made in ten sections of untreated leather, Ten Thoughts Concluding with Simplicity was made as a reflection on Benjamin Britten’s 3rd Suite for Cello. Inspiration came from a performance of the piece by cellist Matthew Barley in his London studio. Barley’s personal interpretation and understanding of the piece, as well as the privilege of witnessing the relationship his hands have with his cello became crucial to my own understanding of Britten’s Suite. Ten Thoughts Concluding with Simplicity is cut by hand into widths as small as possible which, by its repetitive nature, meant that I better understood the potential and limits of the material. This process mimicked the open and explorative journey of Britten as the composer in creating his 3rd Suite for Cello and Barley as a cellist on the journey to learn the work at its depths. Following the joining of the ten pieces of leather, imitating the ten movements of the Suite, the leather was cut further and refined into a cohesive form. Britten’s Third Suite for Cello takes many twists and turns, using sophisticated techniques that result in a piece which probes the depths of human emotions, though ultimately concludes with a realisation of simplicity.